White Ink Printing

White ink printing is available to add white text or design elements when using a metallic or clear base print layer or it can be printed beneath another color to give non-metallic, opaque look. If your label requires white ink printing it is important to place the white ink elements on a separate layer in the Adobe Illustrator file.

Setting up a white ink layer in Adobe Illustrator:
1. In Adobe Illustrator, create a new layer that will contain the white portions of your design. This layer should be named “White.”
2. Once this layer is in place, create a new color swatch. Start by clicking on “Window,” then “Color,” then “Swatches.” The Swatch Palette will then appear.
3. Click in the upper right-hand corner of the Swatch Palette and select “Add New Color.”
4. Use the Color Type drop-down menu to select “Spot.” Change the Swatch Name to “White,” with the W capitalized. Click “OK.”
5. On the White layer, with the White color, fill in the objects that you would like to have colored white, or, if you want white to be printed behind a design element, trace the shape you will need.

NOTE: The above steps should only be used if White does not already exist.