We believe in letting our customers do the talking, as their words carry the authenticity and satisfaction that our products bring. Take a moment to hear from individuals who have personalized their belongings, businesses that have made their mark, and cherished moments that have been immortalized.

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We had an idea of what we would be getting but the quality far surpasses what we were expecting. We are very happy with our order and the tags work exceptionally well for the application we purchased them for and are now looking for other uses.

Marketing Company Florida

Let me start by saying WE LOVE DomeTag!!! You guys are by far the best vendors I work with. You're friendly and professional and fantastic about communication!

Manufacturer California

The tags were great! Sized to standards that we strive for here. All the staff here are just ecstatic about the looks and quality. My director and I are pleased with how fast you got the samples to us. I am sure we will be ordering from you again, and I'd recommend DomeTag.

Designer Washington

The Elephant Snot adhesive they use is the best adhesive we have come across for Domes. Dome Tag has been the only company to provide quality domes for our unique underwater application.

Underwater Product Mfg. California

We just can't say enough great things about Dome Tags. And before you know it, boom your order is delivered right to your door and looks fantastic. ...we look forward to continuing our great partnership with all the folks from Dome Tag.

Water Filtration Supplier North Carolina

It was a pleasure working with Dome Tag and their team of professionals and taking their time to get me in and was able to rush this in a timely fashion. I look forward to doing business with them in the future.

Countertop Manufacturer Indiana

The sticker really stands out and the color is really great for our product. Most clients are sold immediately after seeing and getting the package. Branding is a really important aspect to our company and Dome Tag helps us to look professional and give the kind of image we want to put out there in world.

Eyewear Manufacturer Missouri

Use of dome tags has been a key element to our strong brand recognition..., and thirteen years later, we still place at least one... logo dome tag on every product. DomeTag products are extremely durable and, after many years of use, we still have tools in service with their dome tags in place.

Stone Fabrication Tooling California

I can tell you I never would have thought anything made with elephant snot could look so awesome!! Your company truly takes a great idea and makes it an actual product of perfection!! We Have these dome labels on some of the most rugged condition label printers and they stay on with no issues!

Equipment Manufacturer Michigan

Service was great, product was great, time was fast!! I will always buy from you!

Truck Accessory Company Oregon

We had a great experience working with you along the way and the quality of the end product reflects just that. Our domed labels we received were spot on and this is why we are happy to come back for a new batch!

Hydroponic Products Arizona