Order Options

Your price for a domed label is primarily determined by our material cost plus our labor cost. Small parts use less material so they are less expensive. Likewise, the setup cost for a large quantity is divided over more parts making the cost per piece lower. The easiest way to control your price per label is to change the size or quantity. The larger the size of your label the more raw materials will be required to produce it and thus it will have a higher price. And larger quantities increase our efficiency allowing for a lower cost per label. We don’t have a minimum order quantity. By specializing in just domed labels, we are set up to produce an order for one domed label or an order for several million domed labels.

Width & Height Requirements

Standard production is setup to produce labels from 0.3″ up to several feet. Very small labels (less than 0.5″) and large labels (greater than 11″) may require additional cost such that a 0.3″ dome may cost more than a 0.5″ dome. When determining the width and height for your custom label, you are free to rotate the part to achieve the smallest width and height (as long as both measurements are perpendicular to each other).


We produce domed labels in all different shapes. The lowest priced option is a circle or oval as these shapes use less polyurethane than a square or rectangle and requires less time to produce because the urethane flows more easily to the round shape. We can also do custom shapes and even scripted domes such as an “S” shaped dome. Custom shapes require additional setup time and more production time which increases cost. Shapes with a minimum corner radius of 0.1″ (0.2″ diameter) are necessary to avoid additional handling fees.

  • Circle – Lowest Cost
  • Oval – Lowest Cost
  • Round Corner Square – Lower Cost
  • Round Corner Rectangle – Lower Cost
  • Custom Shape (Simple) – Higher Cost
  • Custom Shape (Complex) – Higher Cost
  • Scripted (letters) – Highest Cost

Print Surface

The film is the base layer where we print your graphic. DomeTag maintains an inventory of many film options including: White, Silver, Brushed Silver, Clear, Matte Silver, Holographic and Reflective to quickly produce the majority of domed labels. The most common and least expensive film option is white, while Holographic and Reflective are slightly more expensive.

  • White – Lowest Cost
  • Metallic
  • Brushed Metallic
  • Clear
  • Matte Silver
  • Holographic – Higher Cost
  • Reflective – Higher Cost


All of the adhesives we stock are custom made to our specifications for domed labels. Elephant Snot® Adhesive is our best general-purpose, permanent adhesive for textured surfaces. Our Standard Adhesive is ideal for permanent adhesion to glass-smooth surfaces. Other adhesive options are: Scrim for application to canvas or fabric material; Foam for application to surfaces that will experience shocks or vibrations; Textile for permanent application to natural fibers and Removable.

  • Standard – Lowest Cost
  • Elephant Snot®
  • Textile
  • Scrim – Higher Cost
  • Foam – Highest Cost


The majority of our labels are printed with digital, full-color printing. If you have a metallic or clear label you might want to consider the addition of white ink to achieve a non-metallic color or opaque color. Another option is no printing. For example, we do millions of clear domes on clear film with clear adhesive for placement on top of paper labels printed on-demand off-site.

  • No Print – Lowest Cost
  • Full Color


The majority of applications are best suited for our flexible urethane. Extra flexible urethane is recommended for curved mounting surfaces.

  • Flexible – Least Cost
  • Extra Flexible

Variable Data

Consecutive numbering and the insertion of database information such as bar codes or photographs can be used to individualize your domed labels. Variable Data has two options “No Skips” (every piece of data, number or image will be supplied) or “Skips Okay” (additional, unique numbers will be supplied to cover defects).

While we pride ourselves on delivering a perfect product , doming is a multi-step process with the possibility a failure is possible during each production step. If you require 100 domed labels from 1-100, missing numbers may not be acceptable and you should request “No Skips”. However, if you only require 100 unique numbers and it is okay to miss part of the sequence, request “Skips Okay” and we will replace failures with the next good part in the sequence. “Skips Okay” is less expensive and faster as we are able to complete your job in one production run instead of re-running the job repeatedly until all defects are replaced.

  • Skips Okay – Lower Cost
  • No Skips – Higher Cost

Multiple Version Discount

This option may be available when all the specifications for a label (shape, size, film, adhesive, dome, shipping, etc.) are the same, but only one element of the printed artwork is varied. For example, you may have a green background version and a red background version of the same domed label with all other variables the same. In this example, we may be able to calculate a lower cost based on the combined quantity of the green and red backgrounds.

  • Single Artwork – Lower Cost
  • More than 1 Artwork – Higher Cost
  • Multiple shapes, sizes, adhesives… – Highest Cost

Other Options

Singles or Sets

By default we ship domed labels on sheets that are approximately 13″ x 18″. The quantity of labels that fit onto a sheet will depend on the size of the label and the spacing between labels required for production. For example, an order for 1″ circles would fit about 165 labels per sheet. However, we can also supply smaller label groupings or individual label on a separate liner. Please let us know if you require a specific sheet size or label quantity per sheet.


Metallic graphics can benefit from an embossed 3-dimensional effect. While the exterior dome remains a smooth, glossy bubble shape, the printed graphic underneath is 3D creating additional dimension and light reflection underneath the dome. Embossing is only recommended for metallic films, as the 3D effect of an embossed white film will typically disappear after doming.

Holes or Windows

Adding a hole or window to your domed label can add functionality and aesthetics to your label.

Transfer carrier

If you have multiple domes that need to be mounted into a precise pattern such as individual letters to create a word, we can produce your domes in position and place a transfer carrier over the top of the finished domes so that the dome group can be moved to the mounting surface while maintaining each dome’s precise location.

Automated Domes

DomeTag has unique equipment to facilitate the automated application of domed labels. By producing domed labels in individual rolls, automatic assembly equipment can greatly reduce application time and labor for high volume users. If you are looking to apply hundreds of thousands of domes, automated application in rolls may be an option. This option is only available for orders over 250,000 square inches with small, simple shapes. Contact DomeTag for details.