Automated Application

Automated Application becomes practical around 250,000 square inches of a single size, shape and design. Jobs requiring rapid assembly may benefit by automating the process often utilizing current label dispensing equipment.

Domed labels applied by hand can average 7 seconds per application, at $20 per hour labor cost, that amounts to 4 cents per application. Whereas automated application averages 1 second per label, a savings of $34,444 on 1,000,000 pieces. More importantly, it’s a savings of 1,667 hours of production labor. As the quantities increase, automated application becomes the only practical alternative.

Domed label assembly can be automated onto most products, gift cards, catalogs, magazines or direct mail campaigns. Many existing labeling applicators can run domed labels from a roll with a few minor adjustments. If you are interested in running automated domes, please contact us for details.