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Enough talk! Let’s get started! We really want you to receive our domed label sample pack so that you can see the durability, different shapes, sizes and design effects that domed labels can deliver.

DomeTag domed labels can be applied in a variety of industries and applications: custom packaging labels, outdoor heavy duty dome stickers for equipment and machinery, waterproof labels, car dealer decals, promotional 3D dome stickers, cosmetics labels, domed badges for product identification, and a variety of packaging applications.  We want you to test the adhesion, test the flexibility and see the premium 3D look of our domed labels.

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Glossy, 3D, NEW Look

The flexible urethane dome label absorbs impacts instead of denting or scratching for a permanently glossy, and NEW 3D dome sticker look.

Add Touch-ability

We don't know why, but everyone wants to touch a domed label and its 3-D, or "raised" bubble look. Help your brand stand out by adding touch-ability.

Remarkably Durable

Domed labels are durable and heavy-duty. Waterproof, rustproof and scratch, fade, salt, acid, oil, germ, chemical and UV resistant.

Simply Peel & Stick

Your DomeTag domed labels arrive with the adhesive already applied to the back side of the label - simply peel and stick.

Domed Labels - 5 Dynamic Layers

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Clear, flexible urethane

The dome itself gives a raised or 3-D label look by using Urethane, one of the most inert types of plastic available.  The dome is designed for years of domed label use indoors or out.


7-Color Digital Printing

Vibrant colors make your image stand out. Today, tomorrow and for years to come, your logo will stand the test of time indoors and out.

Print Surface

Print Surface Options

Whatever look you want to create, we have custom-made print surfaces that are in stock and ready for your next dome label order.


Adhesive Options

Special adhesives are needed for domed labels because they are so much thicker than standard labels. Read on to see how DomeTag leads the industry in adhesive options for domed labels.



The extra dimension of a domed label makes the label come off the liner more easily than a traditional un-domed label. To avoid labels falling off the liner prematurely during shipping, DomeTag custom-formulates the silicone release on the liner specifically for domed labels.

Elephant Snot Adhesive

Dome labels are 30 times thicker than standard labels and require a thicker adhesive. Elephant Snot is trademarked by the U.S. Patent Office exclusively for DomeTag.

7-Color Printing

Printing with more colors makes your design bright and vivid with increased flexibility to show beautiful color blends. Normal printing can print RED, BLUE and GREEN – ours just looks better!

Days Not Weeks

When you’re ready to set started, we already have the material for your order in stock and we’re ready to start. By focusing exclusively on domed labels we are able to expedite your order and get it right the first time, with a quick turnaround time.

Domed Label Experts

DomeTag has been making domed labels longer and services more customers than anyone else. Our equipment, procedures, inventory and our team is here exclusively for doming so that your order is done on time, consistently and reliably.

Automated Application

Save time and increase consistency with the automated application of domed labels on rolls for high volume applications.

#1 Most Popular Domed Label Company

Just Doming

We are the most popular custom domed label company because we specialize in just domed labels and we love helping our customers. No competitor in the world has our level of domed label expertise, equipment specialization or dome manufacturing capabilities.

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