FAQs – Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much do domed labels cost?

Generic samples can be sent at no charge as a way to test and see different types of domed labels.
Custom samples made to your exact size and shape with your design may be available one time for an introductory price of $100 (some exceptions may apply).
DomeTag pricing is structured to allow customers the ability to change the quantity, type of dome, printing, printing background, adhesive, level of quality control, etc. to achieve the most efficient pricing.  In general, small labels are far less expensive than big labels and quantity will drastically reduce the price per label.  Click here to get an instant quote.


How long does production take?

The average order takes just four business days from the time of Design Approval until the order is shipped.  Same-day production is often available for a nominal fee (depending upon current work load and commitments to other customers).  When more production time is needed on larger orders, a partial shipment may be made to accommodate immediate needs with the balance of the order shipped as needed.  In general, complicated domed labels that require special tooling or special printing will add to production time.


Can I use domed label on a curved surface?

Depending upon the type of mounting surface and the type of curve, domed labels may work on curved surfaces.  To improve the adhesion of a domed label to curved surface, DomeTag may recommend using a softer, more flexible doming material.  Small domes on small radius curves may require special pre-curving during manufacturing so that the finished dome is permanently curved.  Also, foam adhesive can help to accommodate irregular mounting surfaces.  In general, domed labels work on large radius curves, but may require special solutions on tight radius curves.  Please discuss your specific needs with your DomeTag representative so that we may do initial testing for your final approval.


What is your minimum order?

DomeTag does not have a minimum order.  Really!  No minimum order.  Our pricing formula calculates into each job, time for order processing, design approval, graphic art, printing setup, cutting setup, doming setup, inspection and shipping.  Because of the necessity of all of these steps on every order, one domed label may be almost the same price as 100 domed labels and it is rare to see an order shipped that is less than $100 for just doming or less than $300 for printing, cutting and doming.


Can you change the dome label thickness?

Yes, the domed label thickness can be made thicker or thinner.  However, it is important to understand the basic doming process to understand why there are limitations.  The urethane dome is poured as a liquid onto the label in an exact volume so that the urethane flows to the entire edge of the label without flowing over the edge.  When a thinner dome is required, the surface of the label may need to be chemically changed such that the urethane flows more quickly to the edge of the label to make a thinner dome.  Likewise, a thicker dome may require a more viscous urethane and a more simple shape to accommodate a thicker dome.  In general, the minimum thickness is 0.05” (50 mils) and the maximum thickness is 0.1” (100 mils).  Dome thickness from label to label throughout a job tends to be very consistent.


Can I use domed labels on fabric?

Domed labels can be heat fused to uncoated fabrics, such as cotton, using special adhesives custom fabricated by DomeTag Brand Labels.  Our heat-fuse adhesives are machine washable and dry cleanable.  The challenge with many synthetic fabrics, such as polyester and nylon (common on backpacks and luggage), is that they are typically coated with a waterproofing sealant that easily comes off when the domed label is adhered.  We recommend riveting a bezel to coated fabrics and applying the domed label to the permanent bezel.  We also offer extra thick, extra tacky adhesives that work great on non-permanent application such as advertising specialties that will not be laundered.


How small/large can a domed label be?

Domed labels can be made as small as 1/8” (0.125”) and as large as 8’ x 8’.  Domes that are smaller than ½” or larger than 12” may require special handling that can add to the price.  The shape of the dome may also limit some sizes and shapes.  For example, a 12” x 12” dome with a narrow ¼” projection may require special fabrication.  Likewise a 3” hole inside of a 3 ½” dome may require special fabrication.


How much are custom samples?

As an investment to welcome new customers, DomeTag offers custom samples at $85 (a fraction of our actual cost).  This allows new customers to see and test production-run domed labels before committing to an order.  While we reserve the right to limit this offer, we encourage custom samples as a way to ensure your satisfaction and prevent costly errors.


Can you color match the domed label to my product?

DomeTag is happy to color match domed labels to your specific needs.  We recommend sending an actual sample of the product that you want matched.  Keep in mind that color is only one aspect of matching to your product.  For example, our beautiful, glossy dome will not “match” a flat, matte finish.  Also, domed labels are 3-dimensional such that light reflects inside the dome causing variations to the color depending upon the viewing angle.  Likewise, the color of your product and our dome will change slightly when viewed under direct sunlight vs. indoor lights.  DomeTag will take all of these variable into account and can do a custom sample run of your label for an $85 charge or do a pdf proof free of charge.


How outdoor durable are domed labels?

DomeTag Brand Labels are very outdoor durable.  The urethane protects the image and the background from normal wear-and-tear that can be seen on other outdoor identification.  Our urethane is well tested by the automotive industry and boat manufacturers to withstand a minimum of 6 years, typically lasting over 20 years, outdoors in all climates without any noticeable discoloration or change in gloss.  Your Design Approval will specifically note “Fade Resistance: Outdoor 3+ Year” to indicate the use of inks made for colorfast, outdoor applications.  The following link will bring you to the full DomeTag Guarantee and Warranty.


Are DomeTags UL approved?

In addition to receiving UL approval on a variety of domed labels, the majority of the individual “ingredients” are also UL approved.  As part of the exacting UL approval process, the specific finished product must be individually approved.  For example, the UL approval of a ½” x ½” domed rectangular label does not necessarily qualify a 4” diameter domed circle.  Instead of going through the UL approval process on every domed label, we use qualified liners, adhesives, substrates, inks and doming materials to achieve consistent product reliability.


Are DomeTags RoHS compliant?

All standard components used in the manufacturing of DomeTag Brand Labels are RoHS compliant including the urethane doming material, inks, substrates and adhesives.


Can I receive domed labels on rolls instead of sheets?

Yes, domed labels can be delivered on rolls instead of sheets to accommodate most automated roll application equipment.  Rolls can also improve workplace safety by eliminating slippery liners from factory floors.  In general, it is practical to consider domed labels on rolls when quantities exceed 250,000 square inches; part size is less than 4 square inches; and domed labels are made of simple shapes such as circles and round-corner rectangles.  For more information, ask your DomeTag representative or visit www.rolldome.com.


Can you dome RFID?

Yes, RFID labels can be domed and independent testing has shown that the dome allows for proper antenna transmission of the radio frequency identification.  In addition to doming directly onto a prefabricated RFID labels, domed labels may also be adhered to RFID labels independently.  While DomeTag is not a manufacturer of RFID labels, we will work with your RFID supplier to ensure a successful project.


Which adhesive should I use?

The thick dome on top of the label makes it necessary to use a considerably thicker adhesive than an un-domed label.  All DomeTag adhesives are in stock and custom made for domed labels. Elephant Snot® Adhesive is trademarked by the U.S. Patent office exclusively for DomeTag Brand labels.  We stock a wide variety of adhesives designed for dome applications including permanent, heat-fusing, static cling, removable, textile, optically clear, scrim and foam.


Where are DomeTags manufactured?

DomeTag Brand Labels are manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah.  All production steps are done in the U.S.A. earning DomeTag “Made in U.S.A.” status.


Can domed labels have consecutive numbering?

Yes, DomeTag Brand Labels may contain consecutive numbering and/or the insertion of database information such as unique names, pictures, etc.  Typically, database insertion will incur a nominal setup fee plus approximately 10% additional cost.  Please discuss options with your DomeTag representative.


Do you ship to other countries?

DomeTag is proud to service manufacturers around the world as well as U.S. manufacturers that assemble overseas.  Please include any special shipping instructions on your purchase order and be sure to discuss special needs with your DomeTag representative.


Can you dome labels that I supply?

DomeTag is the most popular doming company in the United States including many label manufacturers that produce finished labels shipped to DomeTag for the addition of the urethane dome.  Label production may need to be adjusted to accommodate urethane doming, including the use of special lay-flat liners, elimination of surface coatings often used on top of the printed image and cutting techniques that allow for a clean, sharp edge without liner damage or cut-through.  Please discuss your specific needs with a DomeTag representative.