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Elephant Snot Adhesive

Dome labels are 30 times thicker than standard labels and require a thicker adhesive. Elephant Snot is trademarked by the U.S. Patent Office exclusively for DomeTag.

7-Color Printing

Printing with more colors makes your design bright and vivid with increased flexibility to show beautiful color blends. Normal printing can print RED, BLUE and GREEN – ours just looks better!

Days Not Weeks

When you’re ready to get started, we already have the material for your order in stock and we’re ready to start. By focusing exclusively on domed labels we are able to expedite your order and get it right the first time, on time.

Domed Label Experts

DomeTag has been making domed labels longer and services more customers than anyone else. Our equipment, procedures, inventory and our team is here exclusively for doming so that your order is done on time, consistently and reliably.

Automated Application

Save time and increase consistency with the automated application of domed labels for high volume applications.

Doming Experts

DomeTag is the world’s most popular domed label company.  By focusing all of our attention on just doming, we are able to streamline your order.

DomeTag's Goal highlighted

1. Just Doming

We do one thing and we do it better than anyone – domed labels.

2. Fast

Our average production time is three business days for most custom orders. Our next goal is two days, then one day…

3. Easy

Since 1978 we have been streamlining the ordering process for custom domed labels while maximizing your freedom of choice.


By focusing all of our attention on just doming, we ensure dependability.


When you call us, there’s no confusion about the type of dome label that you are ordering; we only make one type. This focus is true throughout your order process.


The clear dome on top of your domed label changes the way your graphic is laid out and our artists are aware of these differences on every order.


Our printing equipment uses pigmented inks to prevent chemical reactions from the urethane coating and fading caused by UV light from outdoor applications.


Human error is prevented because all of the material used to make your domes are only used to make domed labels. Custom print coatings, substrates and adhesives exclusively for domed labels.


We’ve been here for you since 1978. We’re not going anywhere.

DomeTag brand labels are warranted for three years from date of purchase against defects of materials or workmanship and noticeable fading or discoloration when printed with our pigmented inks. Upon verification of a defect, we will determine the course of action. If in our judgment it will not be possible to achieve a good outcome by replacing the order, DomeTag may at our discretion, elect to refund part or all of the original cost of the order. Our goal is your complete satisfaction in every aspect of doing business with DomeTag.

Years in Business
Satisfied Customers
Unique Designs
Orders Fulfilled
Weekly Square Inches Domed

Doming Experts Testimonials

It was a pleasure working with Dome Tag and their team of professionals and taking their time to get me in and was able to rush this in a timely fashion.

I look forward to doing business with them in the future.

Countertop Manufacturer in Indiana

Love the tags!

Quick turnaround and smooth ordering process

Designer in Washington

The tags were great!

Sized to standards that we strive for here. All the staff here are just ecstatic about the looks and quality. My director and I are pleased with how fast you got the samples to us.

I am sure we will be ordering from you again, and I’d recommend DomeTag.

Designer in Washington

Domed Label Examples

Subzero engineering label starbucks coffee label Paramount label

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