Extreme DomeTag

Basically, we’re just goofing around and documenting our results.

From the ridiculous to the spectacular – things a DomeTag should never do.

Just for fun, we like to find the limits a DomeTag can handle. To get started, we shot a DomeTag with an assault rifle, shotgun, pistol, 22 and even a pellet gun. We heated the dome to make it softer and we froze it to make it harder. No matter what we did, the bullet simply went through the dome. I guess bullets are a little too extreme.

Watch videos of our other goofy experiments.

Extreme Cleanser

How will these three labels stand up to a good scrub-down?

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Extreme Fire

Urethane vs. Epoxy…which one will burn?

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Extreme Blender

What happens when we pit three kinds of labels against an industrial blender?

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Extreme Sulfuric Acid

Three labels compete against one of the most corrosive acids available.

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