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3 Uniques About Us

Three things that make DomeTag unique.

1. Just Doming

We do one thing and we do it better than anyone – domed labels.

2. Fast

Our production times are typically a fraction of others.

3. Easy

Since 1978 we have been streamlining the ordering process for custom domed labels while maximizing your freedom of choice.

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Faces behind the dome.

Here are a few of the people responsible for your domed labels.

We look forward to meeting you in person at one of our trade shows, conferences, seminars or the next time you come skiing in Utah. We are located 5 minutes from the Salt Lake City airport, please let us know if you’re in the area.

Mark H. West


E. Ralph West

Vice President

Marta Gray

Senior Account Manager

Lance Garcia

Account Manager

Amanda Witte

Office Manager

Sam Bairagee

Graphic Artist

Eric Arave

Production Manager

Our Beginning

handmade label

Ralph West began hand-cutting coin jewelery in the basement of his Wisconsin home in 1978. Soon after, belt buckle collecting was the rage and he began using clear epoxy to make buckles.

Years later, Ralph and son Mark invented their first domed label for a Colorado tech company.

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