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Domed Labels for Manufacturers | Next Wave CNC

Domed Label Solutions with Unique, Challenging Placement

DomeTag has produced domed labels for a variety of manufacturing, machine, equipment, and product applications.  We recently caught up with the team at Next Wave CNC to talk about the domed labels we created for their Next Wave CNC SHARK, the industry’s best-seller in CNC’s.

The domed labels for Next Wave CNC are unique in their placement and durability requirements.  Additionally, DomeTag manufactures some large-size domed labels for Next Wave, with some of the label designs being as wide as 30″.

Why did Next Wave CNC choose to work with DomeTag?

We were looking for a solution to a unique and challenging placement for labels.  Other vendors struggled to provide an acceptable solution and you welcomed the challenge.  DomeTag was immediately engaged and offered us a superior product – it was an easy choice.

Domed Label for Equipment - CNC Machine

What is it about your products that made you choose Domed Labels?

Quality graphics, durable construction, workable solutions, consistent delivery and quality customer care made the choice for us.

Domed Labels for Machine- Next Wave Shark CNC

What customer feedback have you received about the domed labels?

All of our larger retailers have commented that the look of the DomeTag labels add value to the overall machine’s appearance.  We continue to receive positive response from retailers and consumers, plus a big thumbs up from our advertising agency for the flawless reproduction of our logo.

Domed Labels for Equipment - CNC Machine

Tell us about Next Wave CNC and why you’re an industry leader.

For over a decade, consumers prefer the USA-made Next Wave CNC SHARK as a must-have tool in their wood shops.  The SHARK brand sold more CNCs in the last 12 years than any other manufacturer. According to Google, SHARK is searched more than any other brand name CNC.  Innovative design, quality manufacturing, and advanced proprietary software contribute to the value-added incentives consumers want in a CNC.  Also, our dedicated lifetime technical support featuring our trained customer service team is a huge consumer benefit.  Our company is always ready to help our consumers.

Would you recommend choosing DomeTag?

We would highly recommend Dome Tag.  From day one our Account Manager was responsive and patient in working with us until we got the design we were looking for.  In fact every person we have interacted with has been great!

Give us a call at 1-800-366-3824 to talk about creative and custom domed label solutions that can be applied to your products.

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