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Domed Labels for Hot Tubs, Spas and Pools | PDC Spas

DomeTag’s custom domed labels have been used in many hot tub, spa, and pool labeling applications.  Our domed labels excel in these label applications for a variety of reasons:

We recently talked with the team at PDC Spas about why they made the switch to DomeTag and what their experience has been like so far in using our domed labels on their hot tubs.

Domed Labels for Spas, Hot Tubs, and Pools

DomeTag Domed Labels for PDC Spas

Tell us about PDC Spas: 

PDC Spas has been in the plastic manufacturing industry for over 65 years.  We design and manufacture hot tubs and swim spas at our Williamsport, Pennsylvania factory.  Our extensive retailer network allow our products to be enjoyed by customers through out the world.”

Why did PDC Spas choose to work with DomeTag?  What were you doing previously for product labeling?

Previously we had similar labels produced by another company, but upon learning that the labels were beginning to peel and fall off after only a few short months, we decided we needed to search for another solution.  That’s when we came across Dome Tag’s exclusive Elephant Snot adhesive. Since we have been using this new adhesive we have not experienced any issues of the labels falling off.”

Waterproof dome labels for hot tubs, pools, and spas

What kind of conditions are the labels exposed to on your hot tubs?  I’d imagine that heat, chemicals, and water would create some challenging conditions for labels? 

Many of our hot tubs are installed outdoors where they are not only exposed to the water chemistry and ozone but also the direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions though out the year.”

What has your experience been like in working with DomeTag? 

Top Notch!  During the beginning phase of determining whether this type of adhesive would solve our problem, Dome Tag sent sample labels for us to try out over a period of a time.  Once we could see that they were going to work, we proceeded to place an initial order which went through without a hitch and was delivered quickly.  This has been the experience on re-orders as well.”

What has been the feedback on the appearance of the DomeTag labels?

Very positive, not only from our customers but from our retailer network as well.”

Dome Stickers for Spas, Hot Tubs, and Pools


DomeTag is the world’s most popular doming company, and all we do is doming.   We have heard domed labels called a ton of different things: dome stickers, dome emblems, 3D stickers, bubble stickers, 3-D decals, plastic labels, raised stickers, equipment labels, metallic decals, dealer nameplates, domed product labels, and more! We simply call them DomeTag Domed Labels and we are excited to magnify your brand.   DomeTag has manufactured domed label applications across a variety of industries- custom packaging, beverage labeling, cosmetics packaging, spa labels, pool labeling, wine and liquor labels, office equipment labeling, business services labels, promotional labels, HVAC labeling, security labels, car dealerships, RV dealers, cabinetry labels, equipment manufacturers, medical devices, and product identification for a broad range of brands. Give us a call at 1-800-366-3824 to talk about creative and custom domed label solutions that can be applied to your products.

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