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Domed Labels for Product Labeling | Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

Turtle Beach is the world’s leading gaming headset maker, and they turned to DomeTag for product labeling that has a premium look that fits the quality of the product.  We caught up with Turtle Beach to learn a little bit more about their products and why they chose DomeTag:


Why did Turtle Beach choose to work with DomeTag? 

TB: First and foremost, DomeTag already had a reputation for doing high-quality printing work at good rates, so that was good to know going in. However, what really caught our attention was the unique surface of the labels which paired perfectly with our premium line of Elite gaming headsets. The team at DomeTag was also great at working with our customized needs like the specific sizing and appropriate sticky material that would be compatible with our products.

Domed Label Product Branding for Turtle Beach Headsets

Pictured Above: Turtle Beach’s Sci-Fi Triangle Elite Speaker Plates. There is no question that these headsets have a look that sticks out.  DomeTag’s domed labels are perfect for creating these types of looks.

Tell us about Turtle Beach and why you are the go-to choice for gaming headsets:

TB: Turtle Beach is the world’s leading gaming headset maker, and our success is rooted in a few things. First, we have the broadest assortment of headsets available for all gaming systems. So, whether you’re new to gaming, a casual gamer, hardcore and/or a pro; and whether you’re looking to spend $20, $300, and anything in-between; and if you’re gaming on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, or mobile…we have the headset you need.

Turtle Beach is also one of the longest-running gaming accessory brands. We’ve been the leading gaming headset maker for the past 10-years running, but the brand has roots that date all the way back to the mid-70’s and early 80’s as experts in PC audio. As the company evolved its DNA over the years, that audio expertise made it’s way into our gaming headsets, as Turtle Beach pioneered the gaming headset market. We created the first ever console gaming headset, the first surround sound gaming headsets, the first wireless gaming headsets, glasses-friendly technology, and much more. The list of Turtle Beach firsts goes on and on, and that has allowed us to be first-to-market with products that deliver those groundbreaking features to gamers.

Last, but certainly not least, the biggest things gamers look for in a headset (beyond price) is obviously great sound and mic performance, and amazing comfort. Again, Turtle Beach delivers across all those fronts. Additionally, what’s also great is that our gaming headsets as well as our other products (ROCCAT keyboards, mice, etc.) are also coming in handy while people have been working from home, taking online courses and learning from home, joining conference calls, etc.

DomeTag Domed Label for Electronics Labeling

Pictured Above: Notice the ‘pop’ and unique look that a DomeTag domed label provides on the headset.

Turtle Beach’s headsets are beautifully designed with a premium look. What is it about DomeTag’s domed labels that work well for product labeling on these headsets?

TB: First, you’re correct, and thank you! As noted above, the quality and look of DomeTag’s domed labels simply worked really well aesthetically with our products. Our Elite line of headsets are no joke. Gamers pay good money to have the best and we put a lot of energy and effort into making sure every bit of our Elite headsets delivers that feeling. The DomeTag labels look as if they were produced with the headset.


Would you recommend DomeTag? What would you tell people about your experience in working with DomeTag?

TB: Yes, of course! It’s been a great working relationship between Turtle Beach and DomeTag across the board. It’s been easy to initiate projects, responses have been quick and flexible in order to hit our target dates, and there’s a really easy process for proofing and reviewing projects. Great bunch, easy to work with. Do it!

Domed Label Product Lab

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