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Keep Your Domed Labels Clean with DomeTag

DomeTag has been hearing from customers that are interested in how they can sanitize and maintain cleanliness of their labels. Fortunately, DomeTag’s domed labels have some unique advantages that are ideal for these concerns:

Chemical Resistance

You’re probably subjecting your product to more cleaning and sanitization than ever.  Harsh cleaning materials aren’t just hard on bacteria- they can do a number on traditional labels.  DomeTag’s polyurethane domes maintain clarity and don’t degrade when exposed to common cleaning solutions that include bleach and isopropyl alcohol.

DomeTag has “the edge”

Our domed labels don’t have a crack in their edge like metallic nameplates do.  This crack on the edge of metallic nameplates will hold on to dirt, grime, bacteria- you name it.  Meanwhile, DomeTag’s labels extend all the way to the edge, resulting in a cleaner label.

Smooth edge of DomeTag labels stays clean while metallic nameplates collect grime

Water Resistance:

Will your labels be adhered to a product that you plan on soaking and washing heavily?  DomeTag’s water resistance is trusted by hundreds of companies for marine or underwater use.  The domed label products made by DomeTag show no effect from fresh or salt water, and our trademarked Elephant Snot adhesive provides the tack and peel strength required for dome labels to adhere to rough or curved surfaces.  Read up on how DomeTag’s domed labels have been used on underwater camera equipment.  


Waterproof Weatherproof Domed Labels DomeTag



DomeTag’s domed labels are extremely durable and perfect for heavy-duty sticker application. The dome labels waterproof, rustproof and scratch, fade, salt, acid, oil, germ, chemical and UV resistant. On top of that, DomeTag dome labels feature a range of adhesive options, including our signature Elephant Snot– which will stick to all kinds of unique surfaces and stand up to harsh and rugged conditions.  DomeTag dome labels work extremely well if you are looking for heavy equipment stickers, industrial labels, outdoor stickers, domed product badges, car dealer decals, equipment labels, waterproof labels, or any heavy duty or industrial dome sticker application that requires extreme durability.