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DomeTag in Action | Domed Labels for Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing

Ikelite has been making underwater photography possible for over 50 years, specializing in underwater lighting, housing, and accessories.  As a leader in this arena, Ikelite has always stressed the importance of quality and durability, enabling their customers to capture incredible underwater photography.

Domed Label for Underwater application

Note the domed label with Ikelite’s brand logo on the lower right hand side of the underwater camera housing.

DomeTag caught up with David Combs from Ikelite to discuss why they chose DomeTag Domed Labels for their brand labeling solution:

“Ikelite has used domed labels for quite some time now, but only recently did we switch to DomeTag for our preferred supplier, and the reasons are as follows:

First and foremost, the DomeTag quality is superb! The colors are true and bright, the images are sharp and the ability  to withstand the harsh marine environment to which these labels are exposed is exceptional. These labels run the gauntlet- they are subjected to saltwater, extreme heat and sunlight as well as constant UV exposure.”

“Second, working with DomeTag is truly a pleasure. The customer service staff is professional, courteous and committed to providing the best possible product and service available. I make this statement based upon the fact that this is exactly how I felt I was treated while building my orders with DomeTag. It goes without saying that I highly recommend DomeTag to any company in need of distinctive labeling that will enhance their brand. All of this, and the price is competitive as well.”

Want a better idea of where the Ikelite underwater camera housings are capable of going with DomeTag domed labels?  Take a look at this video using Ikelite camera housing, shot by Ikelite ambassador Matt Jacobs:

DomeTag was thrilled to be able to work with a company like Ikelite, as its products provide a great application for the waterproof and durable characteristics that our domed labels are known for.  The domed label products made by DomeTag show no effect from fresh or salt water, and our trademarked Elephant Snot adhesive provides the tack and peel strength required for dome labels to adhere to rough or curved surfaces.

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