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DomeTag in Action | Adventure Ready Domed Product Label

Adventure Ready’s domed product label has to be one of the coolest (excuse the pun) dome label applications we’ve seen yet.  These cutting boards are built to be integrated in a Pelican Elite Cooler, acting as both a cutting board and a cooler divider.  Built with rugged heavy-duty use in mind, DomeTag was a great fit for Adventure Ready’s brand identification on the cutting boards.  The adhesive strength of  our trademarked Elephant Snot adhesive on an uneven surface, coupled with the waterproof and chemical resistant properties of DomeTag polyurethane domed labels was a perfect fit for Adventure Ready’s product branding.

Outdoor domed product label use with Adventure Ready cutting board

We caught up with Ben Orth from Beam Distributing to learn more about this great product and why DomeTag domed labels were their choice for product labeling.

Why did Adventure Ready choose to work with DomeTag?
“We had originally intended to have our logo engraved directly onto our Camp Cutting Board + Cooler Divider. Unfortunately, when we received the prototypes of the cutting boards, we realized that this method didn’t work well with the material. It was hard to see and much plainer than we’d wanted it to be. The idea of using a dome label was brought up during a meeting and immediately we realized this option was the better choice. It simplified the manufacturing of the cutting boards and also gave us the opportunity to give them a pop of color.”

DomeTag domed label used as brand identification for Adventure Ready cutting board

The cutting board doubles as a divider for a Pelican Elite cooler.  How important was the durability of DomeTag labels in your decision to use DomeTag for your product labeling?
“Durability was our top priority when we chose to go with DomeTag. Pelican Elite Coolers are known for their rugged durability, and we needed our cutting boards to match that durability at every turn. We needed a label that would stick to the less-than-flat surface of our cutting boards and stand up to the wet environment of a cooler filled with slowly melting ice, as well as a washing machine. DomeTag’s Elephant Snot has proved to be the ideal adhesive for us.”

DomeTag domed label for Adventure Ready cutting board. Waterproof with Elephant Snot adhesive to stand up to water and ice in cooler.

Would you recommend DomeTag to companies that are looking for custom domed branding solutions?
“We would definitely recommend DomeTag. DomeTag was very responsive to us from the moment when we asked them to send us sample domed labels. Our questions were quickly and thoroughly answered. The request to create a domed label exactly the shape we wanted in multiple sizes was met with enthusiasm. The entire experience working with DomeTag was seamless and our business was valued through it all.”

Tell us a little bit about the cutting boards?
“We created the Adventure Ready Camp Cutting Board + Cooler Dividers at the request of our customers. Folks who own Pelican Elite Coolers are loyal fans of these products. Some of the coolers had been manufactured with internal slots for a cooler divider, but there was no corresponding divider available from Pelican. As Pelican’s top distributor in the United States, we took it upon ourselves to create this product so that we could better meet our customers’ needs. We partnered with a neighboring small business to manufacture the cutting boards to keep their creation as local as possible.”


DomeTag loves to create custom domed label solutions for customers across a wide range of industries including automotive, custom packaging, car dealership, consumer electronics, cosmetics, packaging, manufacturing, promotional, luxury goods, and more.  We have heard them called a ton of different things:  dome stickers, dome emblems, 3D stickers, bubble stickers, 3-D decals, plastic labels, raised stickers, equipment labels, metallic decals, dealer nameplates, domed product labels, and more!  We simply call them DomeTag Domed Labels and we are excited to work on your brand’s logo today.   DomeTag has domed label applications across a variety of industries- custom packaging, beverage labeling, cosmetics packaging, spa labels, pool labeling, wine and liquor labels, office equipment labeling, business services labels,  promotional labels, HVAC labeling, security labels, car dealerships, RV dealers, cabinetry labels, equipment manufacturers, medical devices, and product identification for a broad range of brands. Give us a call at 1-800-366-3824 to talk about creative and custom domed label solutions that can be applied to your products.

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