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DomeTag in Action | Domed Labels on UTV’s for EZ LYNK

DomeTag prides itself on the durability and weatherproof / UV resistant capabilities of its dome labels, so we always love to see DomeTag’s in action in harsh outdoor environments.  One of our recent dome label projects with EZ LYNK is a perfect example of this.

DomeTag dome brand labels showing off their durability in outdoor use. The dome stickers are weatherproof and UV resistant, with heavy-duty adhesive options.

EZ LYNK is known for advanced vehicle diagnostics systems and the high level of performance they provide for their customers in a variety of vehicle applications.  EZ LYNK allows technicians to link with your vehicle in order to diagnose and monitor your vehicle as well as make adjustments and critical vehicle updates from anywhere in the world over their proprietary cloud-based technology. If you are passionate about your vehicle, you need to take a look at what EZ LYNK has to offer.

Recently, EZ LYNK chose DomeTag as a branding solution for the steering wheel and exterior of the Can-Am X3, their newest release in the Power Sports world. Additionally, dome tags were designed to fit Polaris UTV models for EZ LYNK to give to their customers at their many Power Sports events.  Check out the DomeTag steering wheel label below:

DomeTag dome labels on UTV steering wheel with EZ LYNK

EZ LYNK shows us what a high-performance UTV is all about.  DomeTag is up to the task with its strong durability, UV resistance, and weatherproof/waterproof characteristics.  DomeTag dome labels are great for outdoor applications and the photo below is one example of why customers have come to trust our quality.  Can you spot the DomeTag?

DomeTag in its element- outdoor use of dome stickers with durable waterproof characteristics

We caught up with EZ LYNK Marketing Manager, Hannah Goulding to learn a little more about the experience of working with DomeTag:

Why did EZ LYNK choose to work with DomeTag?

EZ LYNK was looking for a way to brand their vehicle in subtle ways as to not distract from the iconic look of the Can-Am X3. After much research we found that DomeTag was our perfect solution. DomeTag went above and beyond providing the exact sizing for both Can-Am and Polaris vehicle tags so we didn’t have to measure anything.

Would you recommend DomeTag to companies looking for custom domed branding solutions?

Absolutely! DomeTag not only had an extremely fast turnaround, but communicated with us throughout the entire process. One of the brand colors we used in our tag is a navy blue and the DomeTag team immediately reached out to us when they felt that the tag was looking too dark and wasn’t representing the color. We did many test colors in order to find a brighter blue that once developed matched the EZ LYNK navy blue.

Anything else you’d like to add about your experience with DomeTag?

We love the way the DomeTags have branded our Can-Am, and even fit on the steering wheel of our Mahindra Roxor as well! We took DomeTags to the UTV Invasion event at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes and we couldn’t believe how many people wanted tags for their own vehicles. It was incredible to go out for a drive and see our brand everywhere! We can’t wait to continue working with DomeTag on future vehicles and branding ventures. Thank you!

DomeTag dome labels for branding of vehicle interior on steering wheel.

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