Made in the USA

DomeTag goes to the Winner’s Circle

Years of testing prove DomeTag as the best solution for rugged durability on mountain bikes.

ESI Grips contacted DomeTag as they were about to launch a very specialized product…they needed brand labeling for competitive mountain bikes and bikers to withstand repeated impact on the end of handlebars against rocks, mud and concrete. The label needed to not only hold up to this abuse, but also protect the bike from damage.

Durability and Quality

There were two issues here though; the first being that ESI Grips founders Gary and Maria Stewart wanted their company to be 100% American made products. The second issue was the fact that their product would be used in some very abusive situations.

They had been using a “hot stamp” product to mark their logo on the bar plugs (the caps at the end of handlebars), but found it wore off quickly after regular use. After producing a few custom domed label samples, the Stewarts put them to the test.

To test our domed labels, they applied them to their bar plugs; then crushed them onto hard concrete to determine if they would scuff, fade or pop off. Gary also took a hammer to the bar plugs to see if they would come off or take damage when confronted with an even harder force. But the domes came through like champs!

Made in the U.S.A.

After passing the durability test, DomeTag worked with ESI’s specific needs to find production and pricing reductions competitive with products made outside the U.S.A. Faster production times, increased product consistency and reduced inventory; along with the convenience of being able to work directly with the DomeTag design team, helped to reduce their total cost. The freedom to call anytime with questions and receive prompt product samples allows ESI to introduce new products more quickly and maintain their Made in U.S.A. status.

Winning with Style

Maria and Gary say the metallic design protected under the clear urethane dome gives the labels a cool “cat-eye” effect that is very popular with their customers. Gary mentioned he personally crashed three times in one race, but the domed labels stayed put and remained undamaged.

ESI Grips has ordered hundreds of thousands of domed labels for their mountain bike bar plugs and is working on new innovations for professional and competitive athletes.


DomeTag creates custom domed labels in the USA with solutions for customers across a wide range of industries including: automotive labels, custom packaging labels, car dealership badges, consumer electronics, cosmetics, packaging labels, manufacturing, promotional, luxury goods, HVAC labels, RV dealership labels, cabinetry, countertop labels and more.  We have heard them called a ton of different things:  dome stickers, dome emblems, 3D stickers, bubble stickers, 3-D decals, plastic labels, raised stickers, equipment labels, metallic decals, dealer nameplates, domed product labels, and more!  We simply call them DomeTag Domed Labels and we are excited to work on your brand’s logo today.  Give us a call at 1-800-366-3824 to talk about creative and custom dome label solutions that can be applied to your products.

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