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Cabinet Manufacturer Improves Quality Using Domed Labels

Switching to domed labels reduces labor time and defects while maintaining Made in U.S.A. integrity.

Cabinetry by Karman found DomeTag on the web as they were searching for an alternative way to brand their custom cabinets. They had been using heavy brass nameplates as a branding method, which were a headache to install, and wasted a lot of time in production. Steve Ashby, Karman’s Marketing Director, found DomeTag brand labels in a Brushed Metallic style and became quite excited at the prospect of being able to brand the cabinet drawers more quickly and easily.

After receiving one of our sample packs and reviewing our product, Steve decided it was time to update the way Karman’s brand was represented and placed an order for domed labels emblazoned with Karman’s logo. The feedback he received from his shop personnel was nothing short of rave reviews.

The metallic brushed look of the labels showed off the cabinets’ quality workmanship beautifully. One upside they did not expect is that the domed labels do not scratch or mar the surface of the finished wood; whereas the sharp metal plates would often leave marks on the cabinet surface.

Steve also mentioned that periodically the old metal plates would be placed on the surface crooked, diminishing the value of a well-made piece of furniture. Utilizing a domed label solved this issue due to the ease of application and the ability to reposition during initial installation.

Since that time, DomeTag has supplied custom domed labels for Cabinetry by Karman in several styles created for their various lines of furniture and cabinets. The ease of applying the domed labels combined with the ability to work with an American-based company makes it a win-win situation!


DomeTag loves to create custom doming solutions for customers across a wide range of industries including automotive, custom packaging, car dealership, consumer electronics, cosmetics, packaging, manufacturing, promotional, luxury goods, and more.  We have heard them called a ton of different things:  dome stickers, dome emblems, 3D stickers, bubble stickers, 3-D decals, plastic labels, raised stickers, equipment labels, metallic decals, dealer nameplates, dome decals, domed product labels, and more!  We simply call them DomeTag domed labels and we are excited to work on your brand’s logo today.  Give us a call at 1-800-366-3824 to talk about creative and custom doming solutions that can be applied to your products.

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