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Do DomeTags stand up to a Blender?

What happens when we pit three kinds of labels against an industrial blender?

Ever wonder if a paper, plastic and domed label will survive when placed inside an industrial blender? We actually have, so we had to try it. Just wait until you see what else goes in the blender!

First, we apply the three labels on the inside of the blender body…

Then we decide to make soda pound cake and throw in all the needed ingredients… including the plastic measuring cup, a whole lemon and the soda can!

After a bit of a challenging blend cycle, our recipe is complete! It appears the paper label has added itself to the list of ingredients.

We clean up the blender and find the plastic label has also experienced separation anxiety… but our domed label is still glossy!

Being that the labels were still there, we knew we needed backup. So we called the Army. Fifty of the very best Green Plastic Berets.

The brave boys in green really put up a tough battle…but in the end the blender won the war.

The domed label just yawned after the military attack, so we load the blender with 50 glass marbles. Yes, you read that right. We can’t make this stuff up.

If you’ve never seen glass marbles inside a blender on high speed you haven’t lived. Obviously, the plastic and paper labels haven’t lived either. Even the blender is beat up. Our domed label, on the other hand…still looks like new!

DomeTag’s domed labels are extremely durable and perfect for heavy-duty sticker application. The dome labels waterproof, rustproof and scratch, fade, salt, acid, oil, germ, chemical and UV resistant. On top of that, DomeTag dome labels feature a range of adhesive options, including our signature Elephant Snot– which will stick to all kinds of unique surfaces and stand up to harsh and rugged conditions.  DomeTag dome labels work extremely well if you are looking for heavy equipment stickers, industrial labels, outdoor stickers, domed product badges, car dealer decals, equipment labels, waterproof labels, or any heavy duty dome sticker application that requires extreme durability.