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Stone Fabricator Distinguishes his Product with domed labels

Omni Cubed has been a leader in the stone installation field for thirteen years. From design to decal, they provide quality, durable products to support installers in their tasks. That’s why they chose to use DomeTag to brand their products. With sleek, durable construction, DomeTag labels withstand the daily grind of stone installation to keep Omni Cubed’s name as precise as their standards. When you see the Omni Cubed brand on the equipment, you know you’re getting a revolutionary kind of quality.

The problem: finding the perfect solution

David Ernst, the media manager at Omni Cubed, explained that their equipment is used in an “incredibly harsh environment of stone dust, and abrasive polishing compounds and acetone.” Although their equipment is built to withstand those conditions, they needed a decal that would prove to be equally durable.

When they considered different branding methods, they had to consider the harsh environment those decals would have to endure. The desired decal would also have to be versatile enough to fit on all of the equipment, from the skinny to the large, from the static pieces to the moving parts. Regular stickers, they knew, “would be faded, ripped off, or abraded off” over time in the harsh stone-working conditions. While considering other branding methods, like engravings, nothing fit their needs quite like domed decals. Ultimately, their search led them to DomeTag.

The solution: this decal fits

Ernst explained that DomeTag labels were the best labeling option thirteen years ago when they first made the decision to use DomeTag, and they continue to be the best choice now even as Omni Cubed rebrands itself. When asked why, Ernst explained that, first, they “essentially have a protective, rubber-esque coating on them, enabling our brand to stay attached” even in conditions that would destroy regular stickers.

Second, he said,“We’re able to apply our logo in a protected way. Now, even thirteen years later, we have some products that have the original decal on it.” Not only does the high-quality doming technology keep the front of the decal protected, the patented Elephant Snot Adhesive ensures the label stays stuck. As a permanent, high-tack acrylic adhesive that cures over time, Elephant Snot Adhesive has kept Omni Cubed’s labels securely on their products for over a decade in abrasive environments and keep going strong.

How DomeTag labels are used

The crisp Omni Cubed decal fits in the smallest spaces found on the equipment and gives the pieces a little extra panache, as Ernst described it. Consider the Sink Hole Saver. It is used in the transportation and installation stages of countertops with a sink hole to strengthen the thinnest and weakest parts of the stone to prevent breaking during any part of the installation process. There are many moving pieces and not a lot of room to put a label. But the classy DomeTag placed in the center of the knobs gives the Sink Hole Saver a distinctively branded look.

The seam setters, lamination clamps, transport carts, carry clamps and anchor machines all sport the same DomeTag in areas that are easy to see and out of the way. Omni Cubed makes circular impressions in their equipment specifically intended to receive the domed decal. The DomeTag labels have become such an integral part of the Omni Cubed brand that they “became sort of synonymous with [Omni Cubed] products.” The Omni Cubed decal, when printed on paper, t-shirts or other places depicts the domed decal effect without being domed. These decals have become a matter of aesthetic as well as functional use.

It comes down to quality

For Omni Cubed, the primary goal has always been revolutionizing the stone installation industry with equipment that truly improves the lives of those in the stone industry. As they set out for only the best, they found the best way to decal their products was by partnering with DomeTag. With durability and panache rivaling the sturdiest stonework, DomeTag labels are the perfect match for Omni Cubed’s revolutionary quality.