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Do DomeTags Stand up to Fire?

Urethane vs. Epoxy…which one will burn?

Since the discovery of fire, humankind has always had a fascination with finding out what the flames will consume and what they will not. We’re no different at DomeTag.
In this test, we pit two types of dome materials against each other…epoxy versus urethane. Epoxy is commonly used in the industry for domed labels, but we won’t touch the stuff. You’ll soon see why.


We first turn up the heat on our urethane domed label. As you can see, urethane does not darken or hold the flame once the torch is removed.

The epoxy label on the other hand…not so much. Under a flame, epoxy will turn black and continue to burn even after the flame is removed.

At the end of our fire test, the winner is clear…still. The loser is still on fire about the whole situation.